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[05 Apr 2003|12:51pm]
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My journal is and will remain friends only

i wont add you if you Type Lyke Diz or use StIcKy KeYz.

if you add me, at least have one thing in common with me? i mean, i dont want people adding me to make there lists bigger , because some people (like me) actually like to get to know the people on there friends list and i dont want somebody on here who isnt willing to get to know who i am also.

i have a lot going on in my life sometimes. sometimes everythings really smooth other times theres some bumps in the road and ill write about it. i dont want to add somebody and then they get on me about my feelings.

this is a journal so there will be certain things in here that i will want kept in here. (although that doesnt normally happen)

dont add me and use me to make you stuff. granted, i can make things. i cant do oh so fancy things , but i can make some things. i do that for special people. + of course, people whom i get to know on my friends list.

i love making new friends on here so feel free to add me if you still want to!

<3 , Amber Lynn
34 ; cmnt

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